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As goat yoga stretches across US, state law stifles Oregon rise

Lainey Morse’s office has no desk. Her colleagues stand on hooves. They have coarse fur. And they love to eat — everything from shirtsleeves to maple leaves. Morse started Original Goat Yoga more than three years ago. The animals nuzzle participants and occasionally cuddle with them as they stretch. In the last two years, Morse’s creation has gone

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Oregonians worry new zoning law may change neighborhoods

Stewart Wershow wonders if in a few years, the tree-lined streets of his neighborhood north of Corvallis High School will look totally different. Corvallis and other Oregon cities are grappling with a new bill requiring cities to allow duplexes, triplexes and other forms of denser housing in single-family neighborhoods. Proponents of House Bill 2001 said

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Oregon State scientist sees future in homegrown hazelnuts

Shawn Mehlenbacher is on an endless search for the perfect nut. He walks quickly past trees of all shapes and sizes. As he stops to explain their characteristics, he poses to show how they grow, lifting his arms out or stretching them wide. Mehlenbacher and his team at Oregon State University oversee 50 acres of

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